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Dargelos | Re-WAX: How to

Re-WAX: How to

The TransPorter, Snap:Pack and Belt Pouch are all made from a waxed cotton canvas that can be re-waxed to extend the life of the fabric. The wax makes the cotton waterproof and more durable, and over time it develops a leather-like patina.

This 1.5oz can of solvent free wax can prolong the life of our waxed products.
Below are instructions for waxing fabric.


Step 1:
Assemble Your Supplies: wax, hair dryer, applicator- any flexible surface, I used a piece of scrap card stock. 

Step 2: 
Collect some wax with a flexible surface or even your finger. 

Step 3:
Apply it sparingly where you’d like… I used a piece of hard paper folded up as well as my finger, but you can use anything you’d like- an old sock worked well for me too.

Step 4:
Blow dry at a low heat, just enough to let the wax flow. This may not be necessary if you have really rubbed it into the fabric sparingly and evenly…

This is my old Belt Pouch that I wear practically every single day- it’s over a year old and I figured that it was time to re-wax. All our waxed canvas products should be re-waxed yearly if they are used regularly. 

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